Welcome to the world of eCl@ss!

This is an unofficial REST-API for the IOTA/eCl@ss Industry Marketplace Hackathon.

This service provides content of the eCl@ss-Release 11.0 in English

In general the use of the eCl@ss standard requires a license. To provide an easy access to the dictionary as well as the structural elements we decided to offer a temporary free version with the following restrictions:

With use of this service and API as well as delivered content you accept the points from above and explain that you have read the Terms of use (pdf) and accept them.

If you want to use eCl@ss after this hackathon, please register and place your order in our DownloadPortal

The following links deliver OpenAPI documentations for this API. With click on any of this links you confirm that you have read the information above and accept all terms.